About us


EM Interieur started as a one-man business in a modest basement locale in down-town horsens, denmark. Erling mortensen was just 25 years old and a trained decorator when he decided to start up his own business, em deko in 1971. Soon after, he acquired a competitor. The price was dkk 1,200 as the seller needed to be able to afford a new telephone and number. Erling mortensen then got the local watchmaker poul halse as a client.

He developed the burglar-proof exhibition system em snap system for poul halse, which was later bought for seiko watch retailers in denmark as well. Since then, he has had a large number of independent stores and boutiques in the jewellery business as clients.

Today, EM Interieur is a modern, stock-keeping development and design centre with a team comprised of some of the industry’s best and most experienced professionals.

The production component of the enterprise has been outsourced to ensure that the danish staff retains their focus on customer care and product development.

Our timeline


Erling mortensen establishes em deko in a basement in horsens, denmark. His ability to develop display systems that satisfy customer needs, he quickly gains watchmakers from across the country as clients.


With erling mortensen’s success in designing and producing furniture, the company’s focus moved in 1985 from decoration and remodelling of stores to the design and manufacture of furniture.


In 1998, kasper mortensen, erling’s son, become the new managing director at the age of 22. Erling mortensen continues to pursue his work in devising solutions for jewellery stores, home and abroad.


In year 2014, the production of showcases, counters and other store solutions is outsourced. Instead, the danish staff focuses on customer care and product development. Take a tour around the world, and visit the shops we have decorated.